All the food in Berlin.

Eating and drinking in Berlin is thankfully a lot cheaper than in the Hague.  Here is more or less all of the rest of the stuff I ate:

Yup, this table was lopsided. In the spirit of chanterelle season, here is some chanterelle soup at Schwarzwaldstuben.

Mac & cheese contribution to bring back the original spirit of my blog. Kasespatzle at Schwarzwaldstuben, €9,50. Standard. Craving Suppenkuche now.

Noodle stir fry with duck from Mae Charoen Thai-Imbiss. I realize now that "imbiss" means "snack" in German. €6,50.

Currywurst at 1 a.m. As far as drunken street food goes, I think I prefer the doners that are also quite prevalent in Berlin. €1,60 for currywurst, €4- for currywurst with fries and a drink.

The Dutch don't seem to like donuts, but Germans do! There also aren't any Dunkin' Donuts in LA. So in memory of my Floridian childhood , I got a chocolate frosted donut. It was not as good as I remembered. Also, for €1,30, this is highway robbery.


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