“Red” velvet cupcakes. First time baking in another country.

It's all Dutch to me.

Baking in a foreign country is a crash course in language and food culture.  Namely, it seems that vanilla extract and baking soda aren’t used in Dutch baking.  I even tried to find vanilla extract at the expat grocery store, but they only had imitation.  For shame.

Featuring the champagne glasses from brunch.

Not red at all 😦

Mimosas and eggs benedict.

Brought a bit of America to the Netherlands.  I made eggs benedict for some friends and introduced them to mimosas.  I couldn’t find English muffins here, so I had to use rolls.  The vegetarian version had arugula and avocado instead of ham.  This was also the first time that I actually used poached eggs instead of eggs over easy.  I used the microwave hack from The Kitchn / Apartment Therapy and it worked perfectly.


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