Barcelona edition: Tapaç24

The first thing I wanted to do after landing in Barcelona was to eat, obviously.  After three months of living in a city where most restaurant kitchens close early (by my Los Angeles standards), I was thrilled there were so many places available at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night.  Also, my hostel in on the same street as Tapaç24 or Tapas24, a well reviewed tapas place owned by a chef who worked at El Bulli for 15 years before opening his own restaurants.  (I looked up some Adria-run restaurants here, but they’re definitely out of my price range.  Also, I don’t know if my appetite can be satisfied by molecular gastronomy.)

This thing is a McFoie burger.  It was amazing.  Enough said.  The thing above it is black squid ink paella with squid strips.  It was also amazing.

Food in Barcelona has been incredible, definitely my favorite of all the countries I’ve been to so far (which isn’t really that many countries), but I hear it’s not even the best in Spain.  I guess I’ll have to come back soon.


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