Boqueria, sangria, and other tales of eating in Barcelona.

Barcelona was by far my favorite city for food (so far) and I hear it’s not even the best in Spain, as paella really comes from Valencia and tapas are more from central Spain.

La Boqueria is right off La Rambla and it’s pretty touristy, but it had some great cafes, seafood markets, and tapas bars to visit.  One of these stalls is El Quim de la Boqueria, a widely reviewed tapas bar with a fantastic menu of specialties.  The menu is pricey compared to a typical tapas bar, so I only got a breakfast egg special.  With foie gras and caramelized onions, of course.

I thought foie gras was a really French thing, but almost everywhere we went in Barcelona, there was some kind of foie dish on the menu (re: McFoie burger at Tapac 24).  Here are some tapas (sardines, foie gras with spring onions, and paella) from our last evening in Barcelona.

So… there are definitely cheaper ways to eat in Barcelona, but I figured since it was the last country of my European workcation, I should indulge (especially since cuisine in The Netherlands was not very indulgent).  And anyway, I guess I can always bring a little bit of Spain to Los Angeles and learn how to make paella, drink more sangria (we used to do this a lot in San Jose with two-buck Chuck), and snack on fresh seafood and olives.


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