Tada! Cafe in Santa Monica

Tada Cafe is across the street from my boyfriend’s work (and right next door to a TOM’s warehouse/headquarters which was a nice discovery followed by the crushing disappointment that they don’t sell directly out of that warehouse) and serves a lot of the businesses in the area as evidenced by their opening hours (Monday through Friday only).  As such, they are really just like a counter where you order and they serve everything to go, even if you sit outside in their makeshift patio and eat there.  I kind of like this concept because it’s a really chill environment with a large menu that provides healthy and vegetarian/vegan alternatives at cheap prices and HUGE portions.  My first lunch back in LA made a couple things glaringly obvious about the difference between LA and Holland: drinks and food portions are either much larger here or much smaller there (I guess it’s probably the former, although the prices are significantly cheaper here!).  That photo of mac and cheese was their “small” size for $4.  It was a Stouffer’s stove top type of mac, not a baked casserole type.  I guess this could qualify as “deli style” in contrast to my already designated categories of “barbecue macs” and “hoity toity macs” which are almost exclusively mac and cheeses with truffle oil.  I am an equal opportunity macaroni and cheese eater.

Anyway, I don’t JUST eat mac and cheese, so I’ll also mention that I got the Cuban sandwich that came with a side of rice and beans.  The Cuban sandwich was a little dry and made loads better with a nice slathering of BBQ sauce.


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