Alexander’s Steakhouse Cupertino

Back in San Jose for my friend’s birthday, I had to hit up all of my favorite South Bay Area spots including Alexander’s Steakhouse, an annual event that involves lots of foie gras and splurging on enormous steaks.  This was our third year and though it definitely didn’t top our very first visit back in 2009, the quality of the food was still up to par.  A lot of reviewers on Yelp complain about the price, but their steaks are enormous and if you split one with someone, the price of the meal is quite a bargain.

Homemade charcuterie plate of chicken liver mousse, lamb tongue terrine, and smoked duck breast.

I always get the seared foie gras because they always do a different variation and serve a large portion for the price ($24, same as it was back in 2009).  They had a special section on the menu noting that sale of foie gras will be banned in California in 2012, so this is your last chance to get it!  It was pretty spectacular.

The third course was a chilled melon soup, which was kind of an experimental dish for me.  It was very interesting, but I didn’t like it and ergo, no photo.  It was too sweet with pockets of saltiness and it had crab in it, which really did nothing for the flavor or texture.  I might have liked it better if it had been served with prosciutto instead of crab.

And finally, the piece de resistance — the tomahawk chop, an ENORMOUS (36 ounces) bone-in ribeye steak with red onions and butter and, for god’s sake, Tom ordered another piece of foie gras on top.  (Also pictured is a side of crab and corn grits.)  This steak was super fatty and juicy and almost made me consider becoming a vegetarian.  We ended up not eating most of it and taking it home, and it made a fantastic leftover dinner the next night.  Alexander’s is so awesome, but I do miss our amazing French waiter from our first “anniversary.”

Bonus: Breakfast in Palo Alto!  When Tom and I first met, we were going out drinking a lot and hanging out on a very casual basis.  As a bit of nostalgia to those days, we got breakfast at the Creamery in downtown Palo Alto.

Hash brown pie with two eggs over easy!  It’s so easy to make at home (hash browns, bacon, green onions, cheese), but oh so good when you order it slightly hungover.  The Creamery is totally fake 50s style, but it really is extra nostalgic for anyone who grew up in Palo Alto.  I remember coming here back in middle and high school, ordering shakes and overpriced diner sandwiches.  The prices don’t look so bad now that I’m used to $20 plates in fancy restaurants!


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