Old Port Lobster Shack’s Pulled Pork BBQ Mac & Cheese

Apparently, OPLS doesn’t just do lobster and seafood.  They also do BBQ!  Lobster rolls are hard to find in California, and they’re even harder to find at a reasonable price.  I’m not saying OPLS’s $17 per roll price is a great deal, but they’re in my neighborhood and the kitschy little restaurant is kind of charming.

So I’ve gotten their lobster mac and cheese before and wasn’t that impressed; while it was good, it was more of a generic cream sauce with pasta shells and a load of lobster served on top.  This pulled pork BBQ mac and cheese was a four-cheese mac with a lotttt of pulled pork on top and a side of delicious BBQ sauce.  I loved this BBQ sauce .  It kind of tasted homemade, but Tom said it tasted like McDonald’s BBQ sauce, not necessarily a bad thing.  Better yet, they accidentally made two orders and kept bringing the extra one to our table, so we finally took it to go and enjoyed it on the ride back to LA.

The double play!  Two lobster rolls, one naked (with butter) and one Maine (mayo and herbs).  I also got a lobster roll for my parents (“I’ll share one with Daddy!  It has too much cholesterol!” said my mom) because they don’t know how to indulge in food other than when my sisters or I visit.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  My dad totally knows how to indulge as evidenced by the year my mom was out of town for Thanksgiving and he decided to make duck and told me not to tell her.


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