Petrossian West Hollywood – Caviar 101!

I love having Fridays off from work.  Usually it means I can sleep in, make a decent breakfast, do laundry, and take Fuji on a real walk instead of making him run downstairs to pee on a bush before I leave for work.  Today was an especially luxurious hoity toity day as I went to the Venice Farmer’s Market, went bike shopping, got a haircut, and had caviar class.  It’s hard to feel like a semi-unemployed professional with student loans when you have days like that.

Caviar aioli that was served with fantastic thin cut frites dusted in some legit Parmesan and parsley!  I’m on the mailing list for Petrossian West Hollywood, a fantastic caviar restaurant that has a main location in Paris and another cafe/restaurant in New York.  It’s kind of a random spot of all the well-known restaurants in Los Angeles, but I’ve already been here twice: once for Dine LA last year, and the second for Tom’s birthday, and I’ve never had a bad thing to eat here.  Every month, they run an introductory caviar class for $35, and since Tom is out of town this weekend, I needed things to do and their last minute class this month arrived in my inbox at the perfect moment.  I also told my coworker, whose fiancee is a total foodie, about the little event and they ended up coming, too!  So I wasn’t all alone getting buzzed on Prosecco.  Thanks, A & J!

There were eight servings of caviar ranging from salmon and trout roe to Classic Transmontanous and Tsar Imperial Osetra.  Since caviar isn’t that filling, they served us some hors d’oeuvres like the fries and aioli and deviled eggs garnished with caviar.  $35 well spent.  There was also this AMAZING dessert:

It looks like a regular white chocolate mousse or ice cream on the surface.

But what?  There’s caviar all up in that!  And vodka gelee, too.  Oh, and hazelnuts.  Now if you know me at all, you’ll probably recall I don’t really like sweets or desserts.  If you’ve eaten with me a LOT, you’ll know that the desserts I do like always have a surprising element of saltiness to them (lavendar salt creme brulee, sea salt caramel ice cream, etc.).  The caviar was a totally unexpected and delicious twist.

This is turning out to be a delightfully food-filled weekend.  Tomorrow: German sausages and beer.  Sunday: Los Angeles Magazine’s presumptuously named The Food Event.  I tricked a site into selling me discounted tickets by buying from a cached version of the expired deal.  Seriously, no one wants to hire me for all my talents?


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