simplethings pie shop mac & cheese

Makes a pretty picture.  Too bad it was one of my least favorite mac and cheeses to date, which is saying something.  This is not, however, representative of the food at simplethings.  We had brunch here and the brunch food was fantastic.  All the dishes tasted fresh and were very aesthetically pleasing.  This mac and cheese was kind of bland and had an overwhelming sweet herb taste (sage?).

The cafe/bistro style dining room was really cute and clean.  It’s also too bad that I absolutely hate this part of town.  It’s located on 3rd Street right near the huge Beverly Hills shopping center, so parking is a nightmare.  The experience of eating here is almost quintessentially Los Angeles-ish.  I’ll have to come back because I forgot to use my BBE coupon… the sausage benedict was pretty damn good, so we’ll see if it was worth it to brave the parking fiasco again.


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