Happy not going out to eat day!

From my experience, Valentine’s Day is the worst day to go out to dinner.  Most “nice” restaurants limit their menu to an overpriced prix fixe and either overbook or it’s impossible to book.  Plus, in L.A., traffic is unbelievably worse than normal.  Last year’s Valentine’s Day was one of the worst traffic days on record at UCLA.  Fun times!  I had class until 9 p.m. that night.  Anyway, the menu for Tuesday night was beer mac and cheese, rack of lamb, and roasted asparagus.

Beer mac and cheese sauce!  I used Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a bunch of random leftover cheese, plus cheddar and parmesan.  In the future, I would add an extra tablespoon of butter and flour and a couple more ounces of milk and beer to create more sauce as it’s a better balance for a 16-oz. box of elbow macaroni.

Mmmmmm.  At this point, it’s very creamy like a stovetop mac.  The recipe I usually use says to bake it for 25 minutes or so, but every time I baked it in the past, it turned out too dry, so instead I added cheese on top and put it in the oven until that cheese was just melty and gooey.

Tom made us buy a table runner.  I guess it lends some visual focus to the presentation…


Yumm… one of the more successful renditions I’ve done.

Rack of lamb was on sale at Bristol Farms.  I marinated in olive oil and Greek herbs, then roasted in the oven.  I should’ve pan seared on the grill first and it would’ve helped the cooking time.


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