Sour cream banana pancakes!

Thanks, Ina Garten!  I messed up a batch of homemade yogurt this weekend because I added almond milk instead of water to try and make it thicker and it turned out a little sour.  Whoops.  Oh well, turn it into pancakes, I say!

Surprisingly, I had all of these ingredients except baking powder on hand; since the amount of baking powder was pretty nominal, I just added a dash of baking soda (which I always have in the fridge to keep it fresh!) instead with no adverse effects.  Oh, I also didn’t have any regular milk, so I used the aforementioned almond milk.

I don’t like baking, so I don’t keep a lot of flour and sugar on hand, but since I only had a little less than half a cup of almond milk, I halved the recipe and it provided the perfect amount of pancakes for two people.  I also added walnuts and chocolate chips to some of the pancakes once they were in the pan.  Cast iron is so awesome.  The key is to BE PATIENT, which I am not, usually, but after a couple years of using my awesome Ikea Senior blue enameled cast iron pans (I will never be rich enough to afford Le Creuset), I have learned how to make perfect omelets and eggs over easy.


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