Apartment 2.2

Bought another couch.  Sold the dining room table.  Then got bored one weekend and went to Ikea, which is never really a good idea.  It’s like grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Hey, a new couch!  Thanks, Craigslist, and the awesome seller who tossed the thing into the back of his car and drove it over to our apartment.  And Marshall’s, for the ironic “put a bird on it” throw pillow.

Took these hairpin legs from a $3 garage sale table and screwed them to the top of a DIY trunk we got for free from one of our old loft neighbors in San Jose.  The trunk was really useful for storing extra blankets and pillows but it was a terrible coffee table, so I just put them in the vintage Grolsch beer crate I got at the Melrose Trading Post.  I might try to make the body of the trunk into a planter box, since I cannot keep plants alive in the apartment at all.  Rest in peace, Basil and Parsley.

Trying out a new bathroom mirror flanked by two mirrored candles.  Candles are fucking awesome.  I had no idea they made no-drip candles!  Thanks, Ikea!

Switched the dresser and computer desk.  New duvet cover.  Wow, procrastination is tough.


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This is a blog full of photos taken by a cell phone.
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