Bacon in my salad.

Trader Joe’s now sells something called Uncured Bacon Ends and Pieces which are basically the leftover scraps after cutting and slicing bacon into near strips.  As someone who cooks with bacon more than eating strips for breakfast, these are amazing.  They are thicker with varying degrees of fattiness which I find easier to dice.  I used them to make this faux Salade Lyonnaise after thinking about this piece I read in a Thomas Keller cookbook about dressing salad.  It was something about adding the oil and acid parts separately and tossing to coat.  Anyway, I had a bunch of leftover veggies, so I threw them into this salad.  This really isn’t for the health conscious, because I used the bacon fat as the oil in the dressing and red wine vinegar as the acid.  It’s so good and you really don’t need that much bacon fat to make it tasty.  I’m just not much of a salad person, so I need that extra incentive.

thinly sliced red onions
sliced hard boiled egg
walnuts (mine were candied)
bacon, diced
red wine vinegar


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