Jardiniere Chef’s Tasting Menu

Hi, San Francisco.  We don’t always get along, but I think I’ve had more good meals than bad, so it’s all right after you get past traffic, parking, near-suicidal cyclists and near-homicidal buses, the weather, the hills, people who like the Mission, people who have become too cool for the Mission, inflated rental market, etc.

Part of the impetus for the venture was a Bloomspot deal at Jardiniere for the $110 six-course (but we got seven courses?) chef’s tasting menu at the price of $65 per person.  So onwards.

I had a root canal earlier this week, so I was pleased that all of the courses were an appropriate consistency (aside from the steak, which involved a lot of chewing, so I gave most of it to Tom).

Crudo.  A refreshing start.

Vichyssoise with smoked salmon.

One of my faves, sea urchin crostini with foie gras shavings (I couldn’t really taste those, but that’s okay because I love the taste of sea urchin).

The most perfectly cooked egg in the world in a duck, farro, morel sugo.

Steak.  Foie gras.  One of these things was perfect for me to eat.

Cheese course.

Dessert.  Cornbread with sweet stuff and blackberries.


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One Response to Jardiniere Chef’s Tasting Menu

  1. Randi Nolen says:

    Reliving this. Oh, duck egg, I miss you.

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