Veggie Grill vegan mac & cheese

Even though I do like vegan versions of macaroni and cheese, it can’t ever really not taste like vegan mac and cheese.  Maybe it’s the quinoa pasta, maybe it’s the lack of dairy, and basically the absence of each part of the Macaroni + Cheese equation.  But anyway, here’s a mac and cheese from Veggie Grill, one of my new favorite places to eat near my house.  Aside from the uninspired name of the restaurant, the food is remarkable because it manages to be unpretentious vegan food with plates under $10 (well, they are pretty much $10 each), and chicken that tastes incredibly like chicken (kind of a scary thought if you think about it too hard, but oh well).  They have a fried chick’n plate with steamed kale, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and mushroom gravy, and it’s phenomenal and pretty guilt free.  They also have amazing dessert.  It has a bit of a fast food cafeteria style to it (order at the counter, get a number, they bring you the food on trays), but this is a casual alternative to other ~healthy/humane/organic/earth friendly bistro~ vegan restaurants where they patiently explain to you that the straws are more prone to breakage because they are made from corn (thanks, Sage!  I still love your food!).


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