Weekend in Boston.

Things I noticed right away: lobster everything, $1 oyster specials, “Mexican” food.

View from the first hotel, The Revere, a recently renovated Radisson.

Roof deck garden in Cambridge.

It took about 20 min. by bus to get from Logan Airport to South Station, and a 15 min. walk to our first hotel in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston.  At the station, however, I noticed these awesome rental bikes and saw that they had these located in tons of convenient spots around Boston and Cambridge.

The Hubway! Bike shares at $5 unlimited rides for one day or $12 unlimited rides for three days, free rides up to 30 min., but with so many conveniently located kiosks, it was well worth it for getting around town. Excellent for visitors, especially when the weather is good.

There was one brief stint with renting a Zipcar and driving out to Harris Cyclery, but ultimately, driving within the immediate city is somewhat pointless.  Especially since the 90 doesn’t really have as many exits within Boston proper as one might think to be particularly useful.

Our restaurant explorations were highly successful.  After a round of $1 oysters at Avila Restaurant right across the street from our hotel, we had a late night dinner at the bar of No. 9 Park, a somewhat fancy restaurant right on the edge of the Boston Common.  I was afraid it would be a bit stuffy, but it turned out to be perfect.  The bar menu had good prices on great food, the bartenders were extremely friendly, and we sat next to a regular who, in quite a drunken state, invited us to dinner, her treat, the next night at Erbaluce, another well known Boston restaurant.  It was pretty hilarious, but we did not take her up on the offer.

Foie gras with… lots of good stuff.

Our awesome bartender setting some drink on fire. I don’t actually know his name because the drunk regular kept calling him by one name, and then at some point, he good-naturedly informed us (and her) that that wasn’t his name…

I mostly wanted to go to No. 9 Park because they had seared foie gras on their bar menu.  It was quite excellent, and upon hearing that we were from California, where the state legislature banned foie gras earlier this year, the chef sent out a complimentary sample plate of the menu’s foie gras offerings (not pictured).  Incredible hospitality!

Following this late night excursion was one last stop, to Max & Dylan’s around the corner.  It is pretty much a typical bar, but they had a variety of macaroni and cheeses on their menu, including the ubiquitously-Boston lobster mac & cheese.  Lobster mac is notoriously hit or miss, but this one was actually a hit.

Max & Dylan’s lobster mac and cheese paired with a Duvel in the background. Real cheese sauce with breadcrumbs, and the lobster actually seemed to mesh well with the cheese.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m adapting to a new laptop, so it takes a bit longer to go through these photos and think up clever/coherent things to say.


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