Deuxave – Boston, MA

Seared foie gras with… fruit and stuff!  The service at Deuxave was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve eaten at a lot of restaurants!  Without saying much, there was some brief miscommunication, and our waiter made his best effort to make up for it.

The other appetizer was a duo of steak tartare and carpaccio.  Yummm… I prefer tartare to carpaccio, but with both options, there was a great portion for two.

Likewise, I was impressed by the portion of the duck breast with quinoa.  Fancy restaurants are renowned for high prices and stingy portions, but this one was spot on.  I have had $20 plates of duck that literally had four slices of meat on it, so maybe my expectations are just very low!  In any case, Deuxave was a great experience and made Boston a successful and delicious excursion.


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